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L-arginina,pana la ce varsta.....

Am 16 ani 170 cm inaltime 60-65kg......shi as vrea sa ia`u produsul asta imi explica cineva care e treaba cu el?......plz.......multzumesc
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Daca nu stii ce e cu el, de ce vrei sa il iei?
Nu crezi ca ar fi cazul sa te documentezi singur si apoi sa intrebi eventual acolo unde ai nelamuriri?
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Sper ca stii engleza.


Description Arginine is an amino acid and is also referred to as "L-Arginine" (the L stands for "levo" and designates the amino acid as naturally occurring and distinguishes from the D or " " synthetic amino acids.).

Claims Protection from heart disease
Reduces cholesterol
Lowers blood pressure
Improves poor circulation

Theory Arginine is a key component of the nitric oxide pathway and important cascade of reactions involved in vasodilation and related to cardiovascular function. Arginine supplements have been associated with reductions in symptoms associated with coronary artery disease and may be capable of slowing the progression of atherosclerosis
In the body, arginine serves as the substrates for the nitric oxide synthase enzyme, which catalyzes the oxidation of arginine to produce citrulline and nitric oxide (NO). In the cells that line the blood vessels (endothelium cells), nitric oxide production causes vasodilation (opening of the vessels). NO is involved in the overall regulation of systemic vascular resistance, where it inhibits the adherence of cells and foreign substances to the blood vessel walls and helps suppress the overgrowth of smooth muscle cells in the lining of the vessels.

Because humans can synthesize arginine, it has been classified as a non-essential amino acid. Recent evidence suggests that the rate of synthesis of arginine in the body is insufficient for optimal health a situation which would re-classify arginine as a semi-essential or conditionally essential amino acid.

Scientific Support In people with elevated cholesterol levels, it is common to see a reduced ability of the endothelium to produce NO and, therefore, to dilate effectively. In addition, because NO production may be limited, blood cells such as monocytes and platelets are more likely to attach themselves to the inner vessel wall and lead to blockages. Arginine supplements (8-21 grams per day) have been shown to restore endothelial vasodilation in the coronary arteries of people with high cholesterol and reduce the ability of blood cells to adhere to the vessel walls. Improvements in coronary artery blood flow and reductions in myocardial ischemia and walking pain due to claudication have been noted with arginine supplements (9-14 g/day).

Safety Arginine supplements have been used safely in patients with heart disease in doses up to more than 20 grams per day.

Value For those individuals at risk for coronary artery disease, including those who experience ischemia due to reduced blood flow and oxygen delivery, arginine supplements may be an effective strategy for improving circulation to the heart and other affected areas (such as vessels in the calves).

Dosage A daily arginine requirement has been calculated to be approximately 8 grams per day (based on calculations for a 70-kg person). Since the average American diet contains only about 5 grams of arginine per day, there would appear to be a deficit in intake versus requirements. Importantly, the primary dietary sources of arginine, like all amino acids, are meats and other high protein foods (nuts, eggs).
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Ma gadesc ca daca am sa ia`u produsul asta......banuesc ca am sa am o dezvoltare mai bogata..........datorita stimulari secretiei de hormoni de crestere........aici nu mai cred ca mai tzine cont de factorii genetici.......cert ar fii sa nu mai cresc daca am cartilajele de crestere inchise....................................am vazzzut undeva ca este 225 de euro o portie cred ca ar trebui sa fie buna la pretzul asta..........dar nu am intzeles(se poate administra shi la 16 ani cand am cartilajele inca deschise?)sa`u l-arginina este doar pentru o dezvoltare mai mare in musculatura?
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si masa si forta .acceseaza redis.ro
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